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Using the data from technology-equipped machines, you’ll get more information and insight into your equipment and operations than ever before.

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Cat® Connect technology combines four exclusive services that optimize any job site to better build your successful business:

Equipment-Managment.jpg  Equipment Management Services

Blanchard is becoming an expert in EMServices, a technology that will change the way you manage your fleet. You will soon be able to track equipment use and location, fuel burn, maintenance signals, and more from day-to-day.

Safety.jpg  Safety Services

Cat connect gives access to features that are designed to create a safer working environment. These features include on-board cameras, fire monitoring systems, and proximity detection systems that can all be remotely controlled.

Productivity.jpg  Productivity Services

With technology that highlights opportunities to maximize operator and machine performance, you can create better working practices to save you time and increase your profit.

Sustainability.jpg  Sustainability

Cat Sustainability services can help you reduce your environmental impact by managing your resource consumption and improving the efficiency of your worksite.